Projects we have funded:

GRANT: $5,000 The purpose for our Trojan’s Journey Center is to assist

students with their next steps for life after Longmont High and

connect students and their families with community outreach


In the center counselors can connect community outreach resources with LHS students & families, create a summer job / camp board, build awareness of the community resources available to help our LHS families

Help serve students & their families in a convenient and

innovative space. This center will empower students to explore the

possibilities and build enthusiasm for their future while

connecting them with the appropriate resources and agencies.

GRANT: $2,830 With these funds, our Vex Robotics Club was able to purchase essential equipment to stay competitive on a global stage. The Wearable Tech Club can now procure tools and materials to bring innovative designs to life in its inaugural year. Additionally, the grant will allow for a more engaging and versatile learning environment in our shared classroom space while also supporting Student Engineering Lab.

GRANT: $8,5000 (2023) & $6,5000 (2022)

A $40,000 renovation which was a collaborative effort between LHSEF, LHS Booster Club and LHS.

Maintaining an up to date and functional weight room and providing access to weight training through PE & extracurricular activities has a major impact on our students' lives. Some benefits of weight training are:

1. Improved mental health and reduces anxiety 

2. Improved learning and cognitive abilities 

3. Students can focus on what they can control - strength training encourages students to set goals while at the same time focusing on what they themselves can control. 

4. Embrace discomfort and difficult challenges 

It is important to note that staff have access to the school weight room and the new equipment is considered to be a benefit to the staff. 

Funded by LHSEF Trojan Family Fund, the Trojan Care Closet is utilized by many students at LHS. This is a place where students can pick up donated basic needs like socks, clothes, jackets and toiletries. LHSEF has provided organizational items so students can help keep the room organized and easy to access. Please consider making a donation to the LHSEF Month of Giving today! 


Want more information or have questions? Please contact us at board@lhsef.org