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LHS Teachers! Take advantage of our Jim Moulton Trojan Fund

The Jim Moulton Trojan Fund supports Longmont High School educators and classrooms. Throughout each school year teachers are able to apply for grants to bring innovative tools for instruction to their students that fills a void or challenges students with enhanced learning opportunities.

Guidelines and application for LHS Educators:

Jim Moulton Trojan Fund Grant Proposal Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  • Grant applications will be reviewed and considered at the LHSEF board meetings on the second Thursday of each month, September through April

  • Proposals must be fully implemented by the end of the school year, and equipment purchased must remain at Longmont High School

  • Grants are limited to $500

  • Any project requiring funding of more than $500 should be brought to the Board president for review.


  • Grants will not be funded for lodging, edibles, fuel/combustibles, medications, transportation, substitute teachers and teacher education

  • Grants will not be considered for events that have already occurred, or for materials/equipment that have already been purchased.

Grant Proposal Requirements:

  • Identify a primary contact person, title and department name.

  • Please provide the following:

    • Project title

    • General project category

    • Project goal including a line item budget for all costs to be incurred

    • Simple timeline for implementation and spending of grant if funded

    • Approximate number of students to benefit